European Observatory on Socio-Environmental Inequalities

The research seminar in political philosophy and environmental sciences “Social justice and ecological transitions”, launched by Patrick Savidan, Zélie Wüthrich and Marion Waller, at the University of Paris Est-Créteil in September 2019, is the incubator of the European Observatory of Socio-Environmental Inequalities. The participants to the seminar, along with the members of its Advisory board, contribute to defining and questioning its orientations.

Following the example of the Observatory of Inequalities, which Patrick Savidan co-founded in 2003 and chaired for nearly 15 years, this Observatory of Environmental Inequalities will be a digital media tracking news, facts and points of view on inequalities, with a specific focus on environmental inequalities, in all of their dimensions. The aim is to identify, based on advances in environmental sciences, the socio-environmental differentiations that have an impact on social justice, as well as to analyzes the way in which sustainability goals could justify to change the way we understand norms pertaining to distributive justice, well-being, and inequalities as such.

The ambition of the European Observatory on Socio-Environmental Inequalities will be as follows:

  • to establish a factual, up-to-date and as complete as possible account of socio-environmental inequalities,
  • to provide open and easy access to available research and data on socio-environmental inequalities both within countries and between countries,
  • to present analyses that contribute to an understanding of the social and political mechanisms that play a part in producing socio-environmental inequalities, and
  • to contribute to an understanding of the ways in which planetary boundaries should play a role in redefining notions of well-being and social justice.